Double Breast Pump

Double Breast Pump


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It is very essential for babies especially during their earlier months to be fed with the all natural breast milk.  Mother's breast milk digests easier than formula, which means it moves through your baby's digestive system faster and, therefore, your baby is hungry more often. This Double Breast Pump is a very handy tool to keep your baby well-fed and makes it easily available as required. It's designed to prevent reverse flow, and an adjustable suction with massage function to help mommies produce the milk easier. The material is made from BPA free plastic material that will ensure your babies' safety.

Bottle capacity: 150ml*2pcs
Rated current: 400MA
Rated voltage: 5V1A
Power: USB cable(adapter,computer,power bank)
Weight: 0.6kg
Package: 2*bottles + 1*host + 1*Pacifier + 1*USB cable