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Baby Animal Sounds and Piano Music Toy
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Baby Animal Sounds and Piano Music Toy

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Introducing your children to musical toys at an early age offers a lot of advantages to your child's development. Exposure to music helps boost their cognitive skills, enhances their memory, promotes healthier social skills, reinforces language skills, foster creativity and more! Not only that this toy will expose them to sounds and tunes, the item also reads out the animals and their sounds - making learning for the little ones very enjoyable.
*Please put into 3 X AA batteries before your baby enjoy piano
*Press the animal keys ,it will read the name of animal and which sound
*Transform to music mode ,there is music on when  you press any keys
*Transform to rhythm  mode,Press the animal have a rhythm of music at the same time accompanied  by the animal cries
*Transform to search mode,you could enjoy  a song when complete the piano question for 3 times

Age Range: > 3 years old
Knock Piano Scale: 5 Scales

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