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Doggy Coin Bank
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Doggy Coin Bank

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The world's cutest coin bank is BACK! Perfect for the animal-lover in your life.

Teach your kids to save with the world's coolest coin bank
This Doggy Coin bank has just about the happiest, hungriest dog you'll ever meet sitting on top. Drop some coins into his dish and he immediately goes for it, with a dog-like enthusiasm that you'll love! The coins are stored inside the box after he "eats" them up, making it a great way to promote savings for all ages.
Adorable mechanical doggy coin bank. Put the coin in doggy's food bowl and it'll automatically lap it up. It's the perfect way for you to start saving!

Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
Dimension: 150 x 80 x 160mm (approx.) 
Weight: 290g

  • Requires two AA batteries

Colors: Black & White, Black, White, Brown and Brown and Black

 Extremely high demand


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