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Maya Flying Luminous Bee
Maya Flying Luminous Bee

Maya Flying Luminous Bee

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Built-in the latest generation of infrared sensor,which is installed at the bottom case of the bee aircraft,making it more sensitive.Light weight-more safer and smoother when playing.Equipped with shinning colorful LED lights, for playing at night too.
Kids can turn on the switch,it will fly automatically about 3 seconds later after holding the head or tail of the bee vertically.One or two hands infrared sensor control; it will stop flying when it touches other objects;or you can control it's flight by the remote control,it will land safely on the group after pressing the button ON/OFF on the RC。(RC is recommended when playing)
This is a absolute fun gift not only for kids ,but also a amazing toy for on the go parents.A way to have fun with your children after work or on the weekends! A kind of children happiness too!

Size: 15.5cm*3.2cm*10.5cm
Packing size: 13cm*11.6cm*16cm
Flight time: 6-8 minutes
Charging time: 25 minutes
Battery: 3.7V (100mAh)
USB charging cable included