Glow in the Dark Magic Track
Glow in the Dark Magic Track
Glow in the Dark Magic Track

Glow in the Dark Magic Track

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Are you having troubles stopping your kids from playing gadgets? This is the perfect solution to your problem. Have your children a BLAST while they play with this Glow in the Dark Magic Track and let them be AMAZED with its colorful lights!
One of the most popular childhood toys just got more exciting — create a twisting, turning race-car track that glows in the dark with NEW Glow in the Dark Magic Track!

The Glow in the Dark Magic Track offers hours of fun with 100 to 240 easy-to-build pieces of glow-in-the-dark racetrack and an LED light-up race-car to keep the track glowing!

Customize your track into any shape and pattern with the Glow in the Dark Magic Track, which bend, flex and curve in any direction.
Your kids will never have the same track twice!

Build a custom speedway in seconds, and then just roll up the track when playtime is over for quick and easy storage.

All the pieces can be easily stored in a travel pouch, so you can take Magic Tracks to school, a friend house or on vacation.

Be prepared to be amazed. Build an exciting course with the easy-flex Magic Tracks, and then turn off the light and watch the race unfold with brilliant, glowing color.
Get ready for super-cool, colorful racing!

Colors: assorted colors which make it more entertaining for the kids
Material: Plastic
Package Includes:
220-pc track
1pc LED car (no batteries included)

Does the car use battery?
The car runs on 1 AA battery. (Batteries not included).
How do I get extra cars?
You can get extra cars here:Race Track Cars
What age is this suitable for?
Children up to 11 years old would love these.
Can two cars run on the same track?
Yes, they can.