Magneto Spheres
Magneto Spheres
Magneto Spheres

Magneto Spheres

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 Brand new and creative design! Guide and manipulate this Magneto Spheres in a variety of ways without touching it once!
Use the different magnetic poles on your Power Rings to control your spheres
Make up tricks, battle your friends, or use them with compatible Track sets (not included)
You can actually feel the power between the ball and the ring
Built-in 3 button cells
A fun and easy way to relieve stress and increase focus
Always play on a smooth non-metallic surface

Trick Tips:
Figure 8: see how fast you can do a figure eight with the magneto spheres between two obstacles
Floater: pick up the magneto spheres onto your ring while it continues to spin
Lasso: with the slightest moving in a lasso like shape, see if you can roll it under your thumb and pinky

flick start: with the magneto spheres spinning on your ring, quickly twist your hand so the magneto spheres back under control
Get the magneto spheres back under control 
Long spin: see how long you can keep your magneto spheres spinning wave your hand over the magneto spheres to speed up the spin

Dead start: place your magneto spheres on a smooth surface without spinning it, wave the ring quickly over the magneto spheres to start the spin and get your sphere under control
Spin jump: jump a three inch obstacle while staying in control and having the magneto sphere stick to the ring for the least amount of time possible

Size: 10x13x4.5cm
Suitable Age: above 3 years old
Material: Environmental ABS and PVC
Package included:
1 x Magneto Sphere