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Panda Money Bank

Panda Money Bank

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Greedy Panda is Stealing Your Money! No, that’s not true. The truth is each new person you take to see the panda will end up laughing, even when you use their coin.
It is more of a novelty item - use it as a piggy bank, unique funny toy, or put it on the hallway table by the entry where you put your keys, etc.
Sometimes you just can’t help pressing the coin button for fun when you walk by it.
How To Use
Once a coin is placed on the surface of the coin button ( white circular plate ) and you press it gently - the panda in the box will automatically pop up from the lid and snatch the coin inside.
Main Features:
Creative battery operated panda coin bank.
This robotic panda will gladly steal out your spare change and save money for you.
Realistic movements and accepts virtually all coins.
Can store about 40 coins, and the coins are easy to dump out, you can just periodically put them in your existing large coin container.
A fun and cool way to save money.
Size :12*10*9cm / 4.7*3.9*3.5inch
Material: Non-toxic PVC.
Battery: 2 x AA battery (not included).
Experience it for yourself today!

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